Journey Children’s Ministries, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization. Profit from the sales of our curriculum, proceeds from our fundraisers and donations go toward providing evangelism & discipleship materials, assistance and training to churches, missionaries & organizations reaching out to at-risk kids.
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The Journey Program is broken up into three major sections

  1. Journey Walk
  2. Journey Talk
  3. Journey Run
Journey Walk (Discipleship)

Students are involved in topical Bible studies that bring the challenge of “practical application” into key areas of day to day life including home, school, friendships, relationships, and activities. It also teaches how they can be an  active part of the church. Scripture memory and life application challenges are tied  directly to each lesson. Every lesson stands alone so no one gets left behind during the course of the year.

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Crusaders in Journey Walk

Journey Talk (Missions)

This method of teaching missions was developed to bring mission work alive and into the hearts of the children.  They get to experience life-changing acts of kindness and allows them to see how they can personally impact this world with God’s love both locally and abroad.

Journey Funds Local Outreach Programs

Journey Run (Fellowship & Games)

Students learn to play and fellowship together on color groups without the fear of competition or peer pressure. Focus is on team work, encouragement and unity as the groups accomplish goals set by the Run Director each week. 

Crusaders in Journey Run CRUSADERS IN JOURNEY RUN


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