Journey Children’s Ministries, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization. Profit from the sales of our curriculum, proceeds from our fundraisers and donations go toward providing evangelism & discipleship materials, assistance and training to churches, missionaries & organizations reaching out to at-risk kids.
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Held At:
Mount Zion Baptist Church
1525 Scenic Hwy • Snellville
(Across from Sam’s Club)

4 Ways 4 U 2 Help
  • 1) Call Journey @ 770-985-4900 and order BBQ Plate Tickets for you and your family!
  • 2) Call Journey @ 770-985-4900 and order BBQ Plate Tickets to be donated & delivered to Homebound Families, Local Homeless Ministries, and Local Fire Fighters @ Stations 9, 12, 25, & 30 the day of the BBQ.
  • 3) Call Journey @ 770-985-4900 and sign out BBQ Tickets for you and your family to “Pre-Sell” for the August 6th BBQ Fundraiser Event.
    (See Prize Details for Pre-Selling Tickets Below!)
  • 4) Call Journey and sign up to volunteer on August 6th!

Pre-Selling Tickets Instructions & Information
BBQ Plates are $7.00 ea. * Plate includes BBQ Pulled Pork, Bun, Slaw, Baked Beans & Brownie

  • August 6th between 11:00am and 3:00pm BBQ Plates can be picked up as a “DRIVE THRU” service at the back of the gym or as a “DINE IN” service inside the gym.
  • Drinks will be available for purchase at the drive thru and inside.
  • Dine-In service will include local/light entertainment and sit down service.

Note: If those you are selling to do not eat pork, are going out of town, or has conflicting plans, encourage them to purchase tickets for donating to organizations we will be delivering to on August 6th as well. These include, homebound individuals & families, homeless ministries, and 4 different local fire stations.

Attention: Youth & Children ages 2-18 : 1st Place Ticket Sales receives a $100.00 Gift Card, 2nd Place a $75.00 gift card, 3rd Place a $50.00 gift card.

  • In addition, for every 5 tickets sold your name goes in our drawing of prizes donated from local businesses around town and we will keep drawing until we run out of prizes! Winners will be notified and prizes made available for pick up, Sunday, August 14th in the GYM at Mt. Zion Baptist Church! Ticket stubs, money & unsold tickets can be turned in Sunday, July 31st (9:30-Noon) or no later than Aug 3rd (5:30 - 8pm) at the Journey, Inc. information table in the gym at Mount Zion Baptist Church - Snellville.

Ideas for selling: Your parents can sell at their work place, to friends, to family, to neighbors, at local parks with adult supervision for children and youth under 16 and never without a buddy system at any age. Get creative but be safe-smart above all!


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