Journey Children’s Ministries, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization. Profit from the sales of our curriculum, proceeds from our fundraisers and donations go toward providing evangelism & discipleship materials, assistance and training to churches, missionaries & organizations reaching out to at-risk kids.
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Current Projects

Journey’s Vision for the Future
  • To start more after-school programs in high risk areas.
  • To financially support students from Journey to go on mission trips.
  • To expand our help and support in Haiti
  • Translate the Journey Curriculum into other languages to be able to equip God’s servants working with children in other countries.

Locally at The Promise House

Promise House

 Journey On the move locally….

In 2003 Journey was looking for a local after-school ministry to pilot their discipleship curriculum.  The goal was to find a place where children would come that might not go to church anywhere on a regular basis or at all.  God led us to a former school teacher, Tammi Verdi and an outreach that she had started, “The Promise House.”  Tammi saw the struggle the children in this local community were facing on a daily basis.  These children were being targeted to become gang members every day.  They had very little access to computers for homework, needed school supplies and adequate clothing for school attendance and many other needs that were not available to them.  With the help of a local apartment complex owner, Tammi was given a building to do weekly ministry work in this local community.  They asked her to do things family oriented that would help keep good families living in their facilities.  Tammi started English speaking classes for the mothers on a weekly basis and provided food, clothes closet, school supplies and Bible Stories each week from this facility, as well as a two week summer camp for these children.

Journey began there in 2003.  Volunteers came from local churches and organizations to help run the Journey Discipleship Curriculum.  In addition to the curriculum; Journey Walk (Discipleship), Journey Run (Fellowship and Games) and Journey Talk (Missions), the children received while there, refreshments, school supplies, hygiene items and the children’s mothers were invited to look through the clothes donated to the clothes closet while the children were busy with Journey.

UPS Donates to the program...

Local UPS workers are eager to get involved in local community projects that reach out to children in need.  This particular group of engineers takes time out once a quarter to do repairs needed at The Promise House.  They bring much expertise and hard work with them and they have been a large part of the repairs and remodeling of the facility.  Materials needed to make these renovations to the facility are supplied by donations made to Journey Children’s Ministries, Inc.  Journey donors are the heart of this on-going ministry in this local community.

UPS also provided funding to create a computer lab for the children to use for homework help and moms can use the computer lab it to learn English.  In 2008 UPS gave Journey Children’s Ministries grant for $10,000 to make major upgrades to the Promise House facility.

 Other Journey Donor Projects for Promise House Include:

  • Christmas gifts and parties for families
  • Special outings for the children
  • Block parties for the families
  • Food and kitchen supplies
  • Monthly power bills for the Promise House Facility
  • Bibles
  • Teaching Materials & Supplies
  • Camp Promise needs every summer
  • School Supplies

Other Current Project Needs Are:

  • A New Roof
  • Playground Equipment
  • Deck Replaced
  • New Refrigerator & Ice Machine

Abroad in Haiti

Haiti Photos

Haiti Ministry

Journey strongly believes in meeting the needs of children no matter where they are.  Journey partnered with a local missionary that has an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  This orphanage currently houses 26 orphans. Some were given up by the parents to make sure they survived, and some were abandoned. 

In order to offer them an education, Missionary Bien’Aime started a school within the orphanage.  As poor children in the area heard there was school going on, they began knocking at their door each day wanting to come to school as well.  They kept growing until a local man donated another large house near by for their school.  There are now over 180 poor children receiving an education.  This education also includes Bible classes, as well as the teaching of life skills.  This will allow them to make a living for themselves after they are old enough to be on their own.

Journey donors provide the uniforms for the children of the Port-au-Prince school each year.  The uniforms are printed with the Journey logo.

On the mountain of Tapio, Haiti, where there is no electricity or clean drinking water, missionary Bien’Aime has built a school that educates over 450 village children, a clinic providing vitamins, care and other medical supplies when available, and he has also built a church there and travels there on the weekends to hold services.  Journey, with the help of donors, has completed many projects for this area of Haiti. 

In 2008 hurricane floods and mud slides caused the village school to close until fall of 2009 due to the dirt floor washing out. Our goals  for 2009 are to keep the clinic stocked with prenatal care items and anti-bacterial creams and other items of need for this very vulnerable environment and to raise the funds to cement the floor of the school in Tapio.  If the hurricanes hit again in 2009, the school can serve as a shelter if the floors are secure.  A future goal for Tapio is to raise $10,000 to drill a well that will provide clean water and that will provide a means of raising food for their survival


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