Journey Children’s Ministries, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization. Profit from the sales of our curriculum, proceeds from our fundraisers and donations go toward providing evangelism & discipleship materials, assistance and training to churches, missionaries & organizations reaching out to at-risk kids.
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Program Overview
  • Flexibility
  • Relieves "Fear of Commitment"
  • Encourages Outreach
  • Fits Any Budget
  • Flexible Award System
  • Choices for Volunteers

Flexibility – Journey can fit into your individual schedule.  Journey can be used in Mid Week Clubs, Sunday Schools, Preschools, Extended Care, After School Care, Childrens Church, Small Groups, Home School and even Community Center Programs.

Relieves “Fear of commitment”
– Journey provides “complete” lesson plans for today’s volunteers.  This removes the fear of being consumed with set up/take down time as well as relieves volunteers from excessive preparation time.

Teachers Enjoy Class Interaction

Encourages Outreach
– Children are excited to invite friends to a fun-filled time of learning God’s Word.  It also equips the church as it offers the community a ministry that provides strong Biblical skills that can strengthen the family.

Fits Any Budget
– Purchasing quarterly material is no longer required.   Grades 1-6 go through a study of topical lessons that are built upon each consecutive year so that they become very grounded in God’s Word on things that pertain to their everyday life.  Ages 2-K will learn the stories of the Bible using stand-up wooden figures.

Flexible Award System
Depending on how you choose to run Journey, there are several up-to-date award options for your students.

Flexible Awards System

Choices for Volunteers
– Serving positions are broken up into specific areas of the Journey ministry.  It allows volunteers to fit into the positions that best fit their own spiritual gifts strengths and passions.  No longer do volunteers have to do all areas of the curriculum when they serve in this exciting ministry for  children.

Journey Provides Volunteer Training


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